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The memorial according to our traditions, it is a very important religious sacrament, and which must be programmed in time.

It is also important, as this is an opportunity for friends and relatives who could not attend the funeral, to commemorate his / her deceased / being a. The main memorial customary committed is that of 40 days, the first year and three years from the commission of the funeral.

We can organize for you the corresponding memorial, cooperating with the best kind of business  (boiled wheat – adornment disk), providing a very meticulous and perfect ceremony.

The price for a memorial depends mainly on the number of guests you expect to pay this, but also the accompanying services (eg. Of flower church choir, service etc.).

Below you can see the basic services we offer in the organization and celebration of the memorial:

  • Sort out the time, day and location (or Parish Cemetery).
  • We order the disc with boiled wheat, offering a wide variety of projects in proportion to your preferences.
  • We have a cover charge (bags for boiled wheat, teaspoons, cake), for which there is also a choice of various designs.
  • We care about the decoration of the tray with a variety of floral arrangements.
  • Announcing the event in commemoration newspapers.
  • Thyrokolloume memorial services angeltiria in your house and where desired.
  • Our specialized staff will take over the distribution of boiled wheat to the guests.
  • We provide the opportunity for choir (if desired) to accompany the memorial service.

After a personal meeting we can arrange any preference with dignity for the memorial.