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Organizing Funerals

In Funeral Chantzaridi , we undertake to organize and celebrate every funeral respecting your religious customs, as well as your financial opportunities. Our goal for each ceremony we are characterized by dignity, professionalism, respect and consistency.

The price for organizing a funeral ceremony, determined in accordance with the range of services and products – materials, such as the type of coffin, variety and size of flower, the likelihood choir, additional benefits may request the family, if used hearse from Parish Cemetery etc. also another factor that shapes the final cost is the cemetery would become the burial, and the burial rights vary per Cemetery. By contacting our office, you can have the total price of the funeral as the Cemetery of interest.

Below you can see the basic services we provide in a funeral ceremony:

  • We set the date and time of the funeral.
  • Transfer the remains from the place of death in the freezing chamber of the cemetery or mortuary (if autopsy)
  • Caring for the preparation and grooming of the body.
  • Sort out any paperwork to issue the burial permit and death of civil status acts.
  • We take the flower decorations of the church with beautiful floral arrangements and quality.
  • Announcing the fact of the funeral in the newspapers want.
  • We print and thyrokolloume where need the angeltiria funerary funeral.
  • In cases of repatriation, organize transport and procedural.
  • We offer great quality and excellent selection of Greek and imported coffins.
  • We order and carry the floral wreaths funeral.
  • We have (if desired) choir to accompany the funeral function of the ceremony.
  • We record their episketes and wreaths sent to the funeral, which we deliver with the end of the funeral.
  • We print thank you cards you send after if you want.
  • We close the canteen in Koimititiria Funeral.
  • We can also checking with restaurants or function rooms if you want to give meal after the funeral.

After a personal meeting we can arrange any preference with absolute respect and dignity for the ceremony.